How to Generate High-Converting Copy With AI Copywriting Software


How to Generate High-Converting Copy With AI Copywriting Software

Despite what many people tell you, copywriting is more of a science than it is an art.

Expert copywriters use a formula to compile a set of words in the most compelling structure possible to persuade action.

This formula has been learned and adapted over decades of testing and adjusting copy based on consumer behavior.

For the average marketer, who is expected to write high-converting copy every day, it can be a steep learning curve with a lot of guesswork and ambiguity into what works.

Yes, you can run split tests for your landing pages, ads, emails, and other marketing collateral. But how much time, money, and frustration goes into that process? What’s the opportunity cost of that effort?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combined with natural language processing takes the guesswork out of writing high-converting copy and makes your job as a marketer a whole lot easier.

Let’s unpack what AI copywriting software is all about to see if it’s exactly what you need to take your marketing to the next level.

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What is AI copywriting software?

AI copywriting software is sophisticated technology that generates text based on automated analysis of computer and human-generated inputs.

In recent times, this technology has come a long way. In its infancy, AI-generated text would look and sound different to copy created by a human. But with advances in programming for natural language and high-performing copy scoring algorithms, AI copywriting software can now produce content that looks, sounds, and feels like it was written by a human.

How does AI copywriting software work?

AI copywriting software uses machine learning and natural language processing models trained by millions of successful social media posts, ads, emails, and other marketing collateral.

For example, with Anyword, all you need to do is add a URL from your website, such as a product or sales page, select the type of copy you need, and the AI software will generate original content optimized for performance.

Here’s a video of how it works:

For example, here’s how Anyword updated a headline from a project on Product Hunt:

Old text: Asynchronous video communication for remote teams

New text: The new and improved way to have a conversation remotely

Yes, a computer generated that second headline! Quite amazing.

What copy can AI software create?

Most AI tools used for writing copy generate short-form content. They’re not spitting out whole blog posts, books, or whitepapers. Instead, you can expect to generate copy for ads, email subject lines, product descriptions, and other short marketing copy that you are regularly testing for optimization purposes.

The reason AI copywriting software, such as Anyword, focuses on short-form copy is that it’s less likely to go off-topic than long-form copy. There are fewer variables, and by analyzing millions of similar inputs a truly optimized formula for successful copy can be determined.

Despite being short, it’s also the copy that can take the longest to write because it has the biggest impact on a customer. Headlines and subject lines are the first impression someone has of your message, so you need to make it a winner.

What are the benefits of using AI copywriting software?

I’ve insinuated numerous benefits of AI copywriting software already, and I’m sure you have other ideas floating around in your head. But here’s a summary of the key benefits of this technological advancement for marketers:

  • Variations at scale. It enables you to create multiple text versions in bulk which is perfect for running multiple split tests.
  • Text improvements and performance optimization. You can use AI copywriting software to improve the text and find the most effective wording with a predictive performance score. For example, I used Anyword to analyze the headline of my digital marketing tools page. You can see that the headline was scored at 82 out of 100. When I hovered over the score it also gave me a breakdown of the predicted engagement by age and gender. Pretty cool!

Let’s see what happens when I toggle the “Improve with AI” button on.


You can choose how you want the text to be generated based on a set of criteria. In this example, I’m happy for the text to be altered by choosing “Relaxed”, I want to incorporate the keywords “Digital Marketing Tools”, and I’m targeting both Males and Females aged over 35.

Here’s what Anyword came up with:


Now I have three headline variations for this page that are statistically proven to perform with a set demographic. In my case, the score of the page was pretty good in the first place, so there are only marginal improvements to make. But this information would be excellent to use for email or ad headline split tests.

  • Keyword optimization. Including keyword phrases in your text is super-easy with AI software because it does the heavy lifting for you, just like in the example provided above.
  • Cost reduction. Using software to write marketing copy is significantly cheaper than hiring expert writers to produce the same number of optimized text variations. For example, Anyword starts at just $19 a month for up to 15,000 words of copy.
  • Time-saving. As well as cost savings, the software produces copy almost instantly, much faster than a human can!

As you can see, there are several reasons to give AI copywriting software a go. It’s especially powerful if you run large-scale ad campaigns that require lots of copy variations for testing.

Wrapping up

It may sound daunting to have a software tool write your marketing copy for you.

Many copywriters feel threatened by this new technology and instead choose to stick to old processes.

In reality, AI copywriting software isn’t here to take your job. It’s here to make it easier.

Instead of writing 20 headline variations, why not write one and let the software crank out the rest?

Of course, you can still tweak the copy afterwards, but the time and effort you will save is astronomical. It’s also a great way to break away from old habits and copywriting repetition. Not to mention the performance improvements you’ll see by accessing the insights of millions of high-performing examples.

Are you ready to take the next step? You’ll gain a competitive advantage and won’t look back.

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