Best Laptops for Students in 2024 

As a student, your laptop is your gateway to knowledge, creativity, and productivity. It’s your portal to online lectures, research papers, presentations, and late-night study sessions. With so much riding on your choice, finding the best laptop for your needs can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the diverse landscape … Read more

How to save money on your gas bill

In latest international of growing strength prices, it’s greater critical than ever to find approaches to save cash on your gas invoice. whether you are a homeowner or a renter, enforcing strength-efficient practices can considerably reduce your monthly fees and make a contribution to a more sustainable life-style. This complete guide delves into effective techniques … Read more

50+ Free & Creative April Marketing Ideas (With Examples!)

[ad_1] It’s April and we’re about to make it rain on your business with creative marketing ideas for the whole month.  There’s National Grilled Cheese Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, Autism Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and more. These observances and themes provide opportunities for you to connect with your customers, express … Read more

Can Your Marketing Team Generate True Demand?

[ad_1] I see a common challenge in B2B marketing – teams seeking more budget and resources for demand-generation programs. “Now, wait a minute,” you might say. “It seems like demand gen for leads is the only thing we do.” To be clear, I mean true demand generation, not mid-funnel, inbound lead gen, nurturing, or sales enablement. … Read more

6 Keyword Maintenance Tasks Every Advertiser Should Perform (Regularly!)

[ad_1] In a previous post, I covered some of the regular mistakes I see with keyword selection and usage in search campaigns. I teased that after the campaigns are set up, the job is not done; that there are regular maintenance tasks you should be working on to keep your keyword list healthy and thriving, … Read more

B2B Reads: How to do Sales Development Right, Sales Meeting Ideas, Sales Negotiation Skills and more.

[ad_1] In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below. Employees Need … Read more

Select the right attribution model for your business

[ad_1] By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations at Heinz Marketing Attribution models always seem to be a hot topic. What’s the best attribution model? How do you implement it? Do you need an attribution tool/platform? I would imagine most companies have asked these questions at some point. If it were easy … Read more

10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas From Marketing Legends

[ad_1] Lead generation is the number one challenge for marketers today. Millions of free resources are competing for your audience’s attention, and customers are quickly catching on to the fact that most of these “Ultimate Guides to Such-And-Such” aren’t really worth giving up their personal information for. Jessica Meher, CEO and Co-Founder of Wonderment, put … Read more

54 Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Instagram Captions (Cliche-Free List!)

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